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Privacy and ID requirements

To protect the privacy of our students and follow the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), precautions will be taken to establish the identity of any person requesting personal information about a student. Information may be requested by email, telephone, in person, by mail or third-party inquiries. No personal information regarding a student will be released to anyone without precise written permission from the student.

By mail

Mail inquiries must be sent from a student's home address, which can be verified on the student's Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) application. The SAFA office will mail replies only to the student's home address indicated on his or her OSAP application.

Email inquiries

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Email inquiries must come from either the email address on a student's OSAP application or the student's UOITnet email address. A student must also include his or her UOIT Student Number in any correspondence.

In-person inquiries

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To discuss details of OSAP applications, we require students to present valid government-issued photo identification. For awards and other academic inquiries, we require valid photo ID.

Phone inquiries

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Information will only be released over the phone if the student provides one or more of the following to the SAFA office: 

  • His or her full name and birth date.
  • His or her UOIT Student Number.
  • His or her home address.

Third-party inquiries

Information will only be released to a third party if the student has signed the Consent to Release Personal Information section of the OSAP application that identifies that person. The third party will be asked to provide the SAFA office with:

  • His or her full name and birth date.
  • The student's UOIT Student Number.
  • The student's home address.