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Financial literacy workshops

Tight on money? Not sure if you can afford your education and living expenses? We can help. Our financial literacy workshops are specifically designed for students who are taking steps toward the effective management of their finances.

Fall semester

Workshop 1: Show Me the Money

SAFA will cover information about the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), bursaries, scholarships and awards. This fun pizza lunch-and-learn session will show you where the money is and how to make it yours. Through interactive games, you will learn how to:

  • Access the student financial profile.
  • Apply for bursaries and awards.
  • Explore student lines of credit.
  • Investigate on-campus and summer employment opportunities.

Workshop 2: For the Love of Money

SAFA will explore a wide range of available financial resources and teach you how to create a proper budget based on your personal resources and expenses. This fun pizza-lunch-and-learn session will use interactive games to help you learn how to create a realistic budget that can support your personal and educational requirements. At this workshop, we will show you what money you have and how to make the most of it.

Winter semester

Workshop 3: Give Me a Little Credit

Presented by Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, this pizza lunch-and-learn session will look at all things related to credit, tips consumers need to be aware of when considering applying for credit, and how to responsibly manage the credit they already have. The aim is to better educate consumers and to shed light on the confusing world of credit reporting in Canada.

Workshop 4: OSAP - The Road to Repayment

Hosted by the university's National Student Loan Service Centre representative, this pizza lunch-and-learn session will give you information regarding the repayment of your OSAP loans including the repayment process, hints and tips on how to save on interest, and what to do if you are having difficulty making the payments.

Bonus workshop #1: Impactful Resume and Cover letter 

An attention-grabbing cover letter will ensure that your résumé gets read by employers. Come to the workshop to learn how to write a professional, impressive cover letter and to make a positive first impression with a job-winning résumé. Bring your résumé to the workshop for suggestions on how to best market yourself and your skills.

Bonus workshop #2: Ace the Interview 

You will get hands-on practice and feedback in answering tough questions. In addition, you will learn how to make a lasting, favourable impression and conduct an appropriate follow-up!

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