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UOIT Major Entrance Scholarship Winners

Each year, seven outstanding incoming students are rewarded with the university’s most prestigious entrance scholarships. Our scholarship program serves to recognize secondary school students with exceptional achievements in academics, leadership and community involvement throughout their high school career.

Major Entrance Scholarships
  • Chancellor’s Scholarship – one valued at $36,000 ($9,000 a year x four years)
  • President’s Scholarship – two valued at $30,000 each ($7,500 a year x four years)
  • Founder’s Scholarship – two valued at $24,000 each ($6,000 a year x four years)
  • FIRST Robotics Canada Scholarship – one valued at $12,000 ($3,000 a year x four years)
  • International Global Leadership Award – one valued at $72,000 ($18,000 a year x four years) 

This year’s Chancellor’s Scholarship winner is Storey Pynah Quinn (Forensic Science) of Finch, Ontario. Choosing the university because of the warm welcome during Open house, Storey is ready to become an involved member of the Ridgebacks community.

 “This scholarship will relieve financial pressure, so I can dedicate my full attention to studying and schoolwork. It will push me to do my best during my four years at the university.”

This year’s President’s Scholarship winners are Sierra Haller (Chemistry) of Loretto, Ontario and Amir Siddique (Biological Science) of Oshawa, Ontario. Both students chose the university for its small class sizes and various unique resources available to students.

 “Receiving this award means that I am going to continue to give my all at everything; this amount will help me accomplish my dreams.” – Sierra

 “This award will motivate me to be involved in the community and work hard in all aspects of life.” – Amir

This year’s Founders Scholarship winners are Carlee Rogers (Mechatronics Engineering) of Kingston, Ontario and Fatima Bah (Biological Science) of Oshawa, Ontario. Carlee chose the University for its unique Mechatronics Engineering program. She has traveled across America showing off the 1969 Camaro she dedicated her time to restoring with her father. Fatima is a hard working leader within her high school and local community. Fatima expresses that her strong work ethic comes from observing the dedication and success of her mother.

 “I chose the university for many different reasons. I found the campus to be the perfect size for me with smaller class sizes, which I think will be beneficial when learning. I also liked that the university is a newer post-secondary institution and has access to a lot of unique and advanced technology.” – Carlee

 “Many of the programs at the university offer co-op opportunities and the school encourages its students to take part in research projects with faculty members. A lot of my friends who currently attend the university informed me that the school community is great because of the easy accessibility to resources, their professors and the faculty.” - Fatima

 This year’s FIRST Robotics Canada Scholarship recipient is Sandra Mai (Mechatronics Engineering) of Richmond Hill, Ontario.

 “As someone who has been passionate about engineering and my school's robotics team, this award serves as a reminder that I have to continue to work hard in the future.”

 This year’s Global Leadership Award (GLA) winner is Isabella Siemen (Health Sciences) of Gaylord, Michigan.

 “When I visited campus, everyone in the Faculty of Health Sciences was excited about our field and passionate about teaching,” says Isabella. “All areas of the university have been helpful throughout this year including admissions, registration and Student Awards and Financial Aid.”

We, as a university, are honoured that the scholarships made available to our students are enabling continued success and guiding them to be exceptional in their future. We are happy to introduce the major scholarship award winners for the 2017-2018 academic year. All award recipients work hard and their success can be noted with these prestigious awards.

For information on applicant criteria for each award, visit the scholarships webpage






High school

Chancellor’s Scholarship

Storey Pynah Quinn

Faculty of Science

Forensic Science

Finch, Ontario

St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School

President’s Scholarship

Sierra Haller

Faculty of  Science


Loretto, Ontario

Banting Memorial High School

President’s Scholarship

Amir Siddique

Faculty of Science

Biological Science

Oshawa, Ontario

Maxwell Heights Secondary School

Founder’s Scholarship

Carlee Rogers

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Mechatronics Engineering

Kingston, Ontario

Bayridge Secondary School

Founder’s Scholarship

Fatima Bah

Faculty of Science

Biological Science

Oshawa, Ontario

Maxwell Heights Secondary School

FIRST Robotics Scholarship

Sandra Mai

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Mechatronics Engineering

Richmond Hill, Ontario

King City Secondary School

Global Leadership Award

Isabella Siemen

Faculty of Health Sciences

Health Sciences

Gaylord, MI

Gaylord High School

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