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Money-saving tips

Here are some tips for stretching your budget:

Books and supplies

  • Buy used textbooks
  • Sell your textbooks back at the end of each semester


Groceries and meals

  • Avoid convenience stores where items are usually more expensive
  • Buy generic instead of brand-name goods
  • Check grocery store flyers and websites for sales and coupons; Grocery Alerts Canada posts coupons and shows the best grocery flyer deals to use with coupons to maximize savings
  • Find a friend to share the cost of bulk items with
  • Make a list when you shop for groceries and stick to it
  • Make meals from scratch instead of ordering takeout
  • Pack a lunch for cheaper meals on the go


  • Use public transportation (included with your U-Pass), ride a bike or walk instead of taking a cab

Use your student card

  • Many businesses offer discounts to students; always carry your student card so you can take advantage of these

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