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OSAP for full-time students

In this section you can learn about OSAP for full-time students, from eligibility and application requirements to how you will receive your OSAP aid.

OSAP is open to any Ontario resident who is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person.

When determining if you're eligible, the government considers:

  • The school you attend/will attend (a school needs to be an OSAP-approved school).
  • Program of study (the program must be approved for OSAP funding).
  • Academic progress (if you’ve had previous full-time OSAP funding).
  • Number of courses you are taking per term (e.g. full-time OSAP is for students taking three or more courses per term).
  • Course load is equal to the number of courses you are taking (one course equals 20 per cent).
  • Length of your study period (minimum 12 weeks).
  • Your status (e.g. single dependent, single independent, married/common-law or divorced/separated).
  • You and possibly your family’s financial information.
  • Your educational expenses, living expenses, and if applicable, childcare (e.g. daycare) expenses.

Apply 8 to 10 weeks prior to the start of the study period.  You can apply before you are accepted into your program. Remember, there are deadlines. The online applications include information about all of the OSAP deadlines.

  • Application deadline: Submit your OSAP application no later than sixty days before the end of your study period.
  • Required documentation deadline: The Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) office must receive your required documents (e.g. proof of income or letter of explanation of your financial situation, etc.), no later than forty days before the end of your study period.
  • Review deadline: The SAFA office must receive all OSAP appeals/review requests no later than forty days before the end of your study period.

It's important to be accurate when completing your online application. Any changes you need to make after you submit your application must be done in person or via email through

Step 1: Apply

Follow these steps to apply online:

  1. Go to the OSAP application website.
  2. Create a profile and receive your OSAP Access Number (OAN).
  3. Select the correct academic year.
  4. Select the full-time student application.
  5. Fill out the application.
  6. Submit the application online.

Step 2: Gather all supporting documents

  1. Gather your required documentation, as listed on your OSAP account. 
  2. Upload your signed and completed documents online, or mail/deliver them to your financial aid office.

You can ask OSAP to mail your declaration pages to you, but it’s faster to print them yourself.


When a change is made, it takes approximately 48 hours to update your application.

Track the status of your application online, and learn how much money you'll get and when.


If you requested paper notifications from OSAP, it could take a few weeks to reach you—online is faster. To change your preference for OSAP notifications, log in and update your profile information by selecting Email and Correspondence Options on the left navigation bar.


You can check the status of your OSAP application on your smartphone.

Step 3: Submit the lifetime student loan agreement

The lifetime student loan agreement is called the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) and can only be completed online. This agreement is for full-time students only and submitted once every 10 years. Your OSAP application will state if you need to submit the agreement or not (in the required documentation section). 

Step 4: Receiving my OSAP funding

Ten days prior to the first day of your study period, the university will begin confirming completed OSAP files. Note: Your OSAP application information must match your registration information in the following areas: program of study, year of study and course load percentage.  If the information on your OSAP application differs from your university record, please contact or visit the Student Awards and Financial Aid office in order to have it updated.

If there are no delays and your information is verified as matching, the university can confirm your enrolment. You will receive your OSAP funding 7 to 10 business days after your file is confirmed.  Please note that OSAP funding is released by term—for example, if you are registered for both the fall and winter terms, your funding will be released in two installments: 60 per cent in the fall term and 40 per cent in the winter term.

Should you have any questions about your OSAP funding or possible OSAP appeals, please contact the SAFA office by phone at 905.721.3190 or by email at

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